Brand representation VS reputation

What is more important to a brand? Its representation or its reputation? A logo is the visual representation of a brand in its simplest form. But do logos accurately represent the brand? What exactly needs to be represented? Is a logo even necessary? Defining a brand Until recently, few designers used the term 'brand' to define their work. It was all about 'corporate identity', 'visual representation' and 'communication'. Today the word brand appears on the majority of portfolios and CVs as more and more people jump on the brandwagon(!). I would contest that it is impossible to "create" or "design" a brand, given that they are the sum-total of perceptions formed by an end-user. Of course, designers can contribute to helping to shape those perceptions, but when I hear people describing themselves as "brand designers", it tells me that they haven't really understood or given too much thought to what 'brand' actually is. The UK Design Council...

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