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Today, we received a copy of the latest ‘Los Logos’ book release by Gestalten, featuring two logotypes that we have made at di-da. Los Logos 6 is a definitive guide to contemporary logo design showcasing work from various designers from all over the world as well as a respected source of creativity and inspiration. Suffice to say that competition is fierce to get in, so we are grateful to the publishers for deeming our work worthy of publication.

LALA, Alaia surfboards

Lala is the name given to a surfing publication that Joseba Attard began to put together in his spare time. Lala is the movement that is associated with surfing Alaia surfboards, a finless wooden surfboard with no rocker. To achieve ‘LALA’ on an alaia involves a horizontal slip-slide motion down the face of the wave (different to contemporary surfing where the nose leads the rest of the board. The lines in the logotype reflect this movement.

IUNIK, hairdressing salon

The logotype for Iunik (a hairdressing salon in Durango, Basque Country) was designed by Gotzon Garaizabal and Nagore Txintxurreta. It was made very simply using ink and the subtle addition of two dots brings alive the letters ‘u’ and ‘n’ to reflect hair.

Los Logos 6 is available from high-street stores stocking design books as well as online from Amazon or directly from the publishers Gestalten. Other publications are also available in the Gestalten Los Logos series and books 4 and 5 also feature some of our previous work.

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