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Sutik – the force of the fire

Peru Magdalena and di-da art director Gotzon Garaizabal, have recently launched "SUTIK" (from the fire) under their pseudonym 2d1, a multidisciplinary artistic project. It is a return to their artistic roots, a journey that fans the flames and reignites the coals within. The magical Mt. Anboto set the stage for an explosion of art, sculpture, video, photography, gastronomy, and poetry, all connected with the theme of fire. On the 2d1 website, you can see a great video that documents the creative process, as well as photos and artworks from the SUTIK project that was presented on 28th November at the world-famous Etxebarri restaurant in Axpe. We hope you enjoy SUTIK....

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People that learn Basque and those that help them to learn, are superheroes in our eyes. They live among us, leading normal lives, and most of us are not even aware of the effort that they make, or of the great value that they are contributing to Basque society. That is why, in this campaign we wanted to highlight the importance of their work, and to call upon all Basque speakers in the community to support and encourage the learning process. In order to increase the number of people that speak Basque, more superheroes are needed. We all have the power to help, the difference is in whether or not you choose to. We played on the idea of superheroes, designing a campaign for  Euskaltzaleen Topagunea, that showcases these humble Basque speakers that give their time and energy into promoting a Basque-speaking population, and contributing to the survival of this...

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Knowing Arrasate

The Arrasate town hall education department, has put together six educational workbooks to help local children better understand their town's history. The collection entitled Herria ezagutzen (knowing your town) teaches about the town's origins, people of interest, local tales, songs, traditions and so on. The project also includes a guide for teachers as well as marked routes around the town that the children can follow. The project is the result of a collaboration between the town hall and Hik Hasi, (an association that works to provide informative educational material about the Basque Country). di-da was contracted to design and illustrate the six workbooks, and it was a pleasure to work alongside the Donostia-based illustrator, Aitziber Alonso. The workbooks are being distributed around the various schools in and around Arrasate as well as through social action groups. Whatsmore, from mid-October, they will also be available to view online on the Arrasate town hall website....

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Practical Basque

AEK Matrikulazio kanpaina 2013 from di-da on Vimeo. It's no secret that those that want to learn Basque require a practical solution. Socio-linguists confirm it too. The word on the street is that Basque is a difficult language to learn and according to many, it's "almost impossible to learn as an adult". Whatsmore, the teaching method is seen as being too formal and that there is a need for a more "applied method". It is also shown that most people that choose to learn Basque do so simply to be able to converse and not necessarily to acquire certificates and paperwork to prove their competency. AEK offers a solution that meets this need, with a proven track record to backup its claim. The AEK language schools have been teaching Basque for 30 years, helping over 50,000 people along the way. At AEK, students are immersed in Basque from day one,...

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Collective joy

The Irrien Lagunak children's association saw a need to draw together under the different projects being offered by Basque people, that offer support to children with varying needs. A place where people can be informed of what projects exist and learn about how to support them. di-da was approached to put a face to the project and to give it an identity. The project is based around the the creation of a network (in Basque) that highlights these different projects and resources, celebrating the collective, serving spirit of the people and volunteers involved. So far, 21 different associations have signed up to the network and it continues to be open to receive applications from new groups from all over the Basque Country. When a group signs, up, they are instantly connected to all the other members, ensuring maximum visibility, emphasising individual talents and skills, and therefore encouraging collaboration between individuals in order to address...

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