Jakina! The online Basque Trivial Pursuit

Jakina is an online Basque version of Trivial Pursuit suitable for all ages that can be played individually or as a group. Whatsmore, prizes are up for grabs for the winner who answers the most questions correctly. Jakina tribiala was produced by Azkue fundazioa. They developed the idea and took it online. di-da was approached to be a part of the project, and we were happy to step in with the naming, logo design, and user interface design of the website. The programming and questions was taken care of by another company. Take a look, have a go and let us know what you think of Jakina! ...

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New website for Etxebarri

Etxebarri ranks #44 in the top 50 best restaurants in the world. It is also situated in the especially magical valley of Atxondo, although unless you know the route, it is not exactly easy to find. The prospect of clients not being able to find their way to this restaurant was one of the major concerns of the owner Bittor Arginzoniz, and to this end, he decided that they needed a new website that addressed this matter. We have redesigned their website to be responsive on all platforms (desktops, tablets, smartphones). We also designed the site in such a way as to really showcase what the place has to offer and to highlight one of the restaurants most significant characteristics - fire. The Etxebarri restaurant is renowned for its grill, where they cook using ancient techniques passed down over generations. We also redesigned their logo, bringing it into the 21st century...

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film it ipad app button design

Film It! iPad app now available

di-da was approached by Polish company Szybko to design the icons and user interface for an innovative iPad app that they have developed. The "Film It" app is now available to download for free in the app store as well as "PDF It" and "PDF it Pro". The apps enable ipad users to simply record, edit and publish films using pre-determined templates. For example an estate agent that needs to sell a house can produce a video within minutes offering a virtual tour around the property. At the click of a button the video can be shared on youtube, vimeo, facebook, twitter or sent by email to prospective buyers. At di-da we developed a large set of icons, buttons and their respective states as well as a modern and clean user interface design template. ...

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emun brand repositioning

EMUN brand repositioning

The EMUN cooperative was founded in 1997 with the aim of promoting the Basque language in the workplace. 15 years on EMUN's portfolio of services has diversified to include and cover language, culture, immigration and social inclusion. Consequently, EMUN approached di-da to develop a communication plan that would enable EMUN to make the significant step of strategically positioning itself as the leading consultancy in its field, and we of course, were happy to help. [vimeo_video id="68697078" height="" width=""]   Brand Audit We conducted an in-depth brand audit that led to clear and concise conclusions. From a competitive point of view, EMUN has key distinguishing characteristics: they are the market leaders in Basque language strategies and they live and breathe Basque culture and social inclusion. They have a strong brand image shaped by an approachable personality and in turn, companies are ready to invest in contracting EMUN to offer specialised training. From an identity perspective EMUN is seen as...

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Brand representation VS reputation

What is more important to a brand? Its representation or its reputation? A logo is the visual representation of a brand in its simplest form. But do logos accurately represent the brand? What exactly needs to be represented? Is a logo even necessary? Defining a brand Until recently, few designers used the term 'brand' to define their work. It was all about 'corporate identity', 'visual representation' and 'communication'. Today the word brand appears on the majority of portfolios and CVs as more and more people jump on the brandwagon(!). I would contest that it is impossible to "create" or "design" a brand, given that they are the sum-total of perceptions formed by an end-user. Of course, designers can contribute to helping to shape those perceptions, but when I hear people describing themselves as "brand designers", it tells me that they haven't really understood or given too much thought to what 'brand' actually is. The UK Design Council...

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Cookien erabilera

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