The Basque biosphere

The Seber Altube Basque school in Gernika want to inspire and motivate the people of their region to take pride in their linguistic heritage: 80% of the local population speak Basque and whatsmore in numerous dialiects, adding to Basque's colourful language mix. It could be said that as well as laying claim to the diverse and protected Urdaibai nature reserve, the Basque region of the Busturialdea is in itself a biosphere for the Basque language. These are concepts we took on board during the naming process for the Ibilaldia 2014 cultural campaign, playing on the words "biosfera" (Biosphere) and "bihotza" (heart) to come up with the slogan: Euskararen Bihozfera. (it could be loosly translated as "Basque's lovely biosphere"). The slogan coupled with a concise communication strategy provide the Ibilaldia 2014 with a platform from which to send out three clear messages with this campaign: 1. The Basque language is a collective creation...

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Skateistan revisited

This time last year we were captivated by a 10-minute documentary called Skateistan, put together by Grain Media. We contacted Grain to see if they would be happy for us to translate and sub-title the film into Basque, which they were. One year on, the project was featured on the BBC website, highlighting once more how something as simple as skateboarding is giving hope and joy to so many young Afghans, otherwise caught in the middle of a conflict not of their making. If you've not seen it already, check it out! ...

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Mendraka – a blinding wine!

Two years have passed since a fire destroyed most of the Mendraka farmhouse and winery. Today as it rises from the ashes, the owners approached di-da to request a facelift on their wine label. They shared with us how the wine has moved on. It is more elegant now and whilst it maintains a high quality rating as a Txakoli from Bizkaia, it can hold its own in the competitive white wine market. We cleaned up the personalised typeface and simplified the mark bringing it back to the essential element: the vine. We chose to lose the vibrant colours from their own label in place of colours and tones that reflect sensations. The old wine label used a lot of gold, but the wine itself is fermented and aged in steel tanks, so we opted for a compromise between the two and had the label and foil printed on...

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